Script Installation Service

We can install PHP, Perl and other CGI scripts on your site in less than 1 hour!

We can install ANY script, guaranteed!

$29.95 1 hour installation.
$19.95 24 hour installation.

If we don’t complete the work in the promised time it’s FREE!

How does it work?
First, choose the installation option you need below and send payment using PayPal.

Script Installation

After payment has been sent, complete the secure form located here to send us your website information. Please make sure to include all necessary information!

Rest assured your information will be kept secure via SSL encryption. Your information will only be seen by the server administrator who is assigned your installation and will be discarded immediately after.

Sit back and relax! A message will automatically be sent notifying us of your request. You will receive an email with all pertinent information as soon as the installation is completed.

Restrictions: Okay, you knew there would be some fine print so here it is:
Your script will be completed in the allotted time or it is free providing nothing arises that is out of our control. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Providing incorrect information. FTP login, MySQL information, control panel login etc.
  2. Server configuration. If your host doesn’t have necessary modules or configurations we’ll gladly email your host and try to get it worked out.
  3. Incomplete request or not including a copy of a script that we can’t go and download ourselves.